BindTuning provides you with the flexibility to install our products the way you want to, regardless of technical knowledge or experience.

Following this, Bindtuning offers two main installation processes:

  • Automated installation;
  • Manual installation.

Note: We recommend the Automated installation, due to its easy deployment process.

Automated Installation

The Automated installation process makes the deployment of BindTuning's products as easy as a simple click. Depending on your needs, you'll be able to choose how to proceed with the installation.

Bindtuning offers two ways of, automatically, deploying your products:

  • Online app - for Office 365 users;
  • Desktop app (former Provisioning Engine/ Clutch) - for both Office 365 and SharePoint On-premises.

Online App

The BindTuning online app offers the possibility to deploy, your products to SharePoint Online (Office 365), using our dedicated website.

Here you'll learn how to install the products using the BindTuning online app.

Desktop App

The Provisioning Engine will also automatically deploy your Products, to both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises.

Here you'll learn how to install the products using the Provisioning desktop app.

The main difference between the BindTuning app and the Provisioning Engine resides in the fact that the BindTuning app only supports Office 365, while the Provisioning Engine supports both Office 365 and SharePoint On-Premises.

Manual installation

The Manual installation process allows for more granular control on the installation with an added complexity layer, not present in the Automated installation.

The Manual installation process will depend on the particular experience present on your site:

  • For the Classic experience:

    • The installation process for the Add-in version can be found here;
    • The installation process for the WSP version can be found here here
  • For the Modern experience, the installation process can be found here.