The BindTuning online app allows for the easy deployment of Web Parts on Office 365 (SharePoint Online).

Note: This installation method is only valid for Office 365 (SharePoint Online).

  1. Login to your BindTuning account;
  2. Navigate to the Build tab;


  3. Mouse over the selected Web Part and click on More Details;

  4. Click on Install;

  5. Proceed with either:

    • The installation of the selected Web Part;
    • A bulk installation of all Web Parts.


  6. Select the option Office 365;

  7. Input both your Site Collection URL and corresponding Office 365 user email;

  8. Select the SharePoint experience you want to deploy to, as well as correlative installation scope:

    • Classic: Deploys the theme on Classic SharePoint, being available at the site collection level;
    • Modern: Deploys the theme on Modern SharePoint, being available at either site collection or tenant level.


    Note: While the site collection level installation will only deploy the solutions to the URL provided in step 7, the tenant wide deployment will make the solutions available for any site collection belonging to your tenancy, regardless of site collection URL provided in the above-mentioned step.

  9. Verify all the provided information and click Confirm; confirm-installation.png

  10. The installation will proceed in the background. To review it's progress click on Recent Activity (graph icon).

After the installation has been completed, an alert will appear, informing you of its status.